Charity Testimonials

Working with charities is a passion of Karins and MAD Promotions- as the name says it all we love working with those that are Making A Difference …. We are delighted for the feedback from some incredible charities including….

Karin is an absolute star – a campaigning dynmo!

Juliette Gellatley, Viva!

Karin has an energy for life that fills the office when she comes in for meetings. Her positive energy, genuine interest in the work we do, and passion for taking forward things she believes in are a huge asset to any partnership. Added value is her excellent knowledge of the local market, people and different angles to take our message out there, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their work out of their office into the wider world. She is lovely person, and smart – a great combination!

Jo Roberts, CEO, Wilderness Foundation. 

If enthusiasm, determination, good humour and a refusal to give in are the elements necessary for success, you’ll do blindingly well.
Tony Wardell – Viva!

Karin has worked on several successful projects to promote the Dr Hadwen Trust, most notably our 35th anniversary Gala Dinner held at the Hilton Hotel, London.

The Gala Dinner required a great deal of organisation – selection of venue, getting celebrities to attend, promotion of ticket sales, including to supporters of the Trust, and seemingly endless further arrangements.

Karin also MC-ed the whole evening, which was a great success and for which we received many congratulations and accolades from attendees. It was a very notable achievement for Karin.

Karin has also produced and distributed a number of press releases for the Trust on a range of topics, since the Gala Dinner.

Further still, from her array of media contacts, she was able to engage the interest of the Sunday People who ran an article on a local animal sanctuary that was hugely in debt and about to go under. Together with other fundraising efforts, the sanctuary was saved, a feat in no small measure attributable to the £14,000 raised from the Sunday People article.

Karin is very hard working and full of commitment and energy. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as someone who will give 110% to achieve a successful promotion.

I am also aware that Karin has experience of working for other charities and campaigning groups. She has also devoted considerable time and effort into creating a veggie TV station on the internet, a bold venture that has attracted considerable attention.

Terry Huxtable – CEO – Dr Hadwen Trust 

Karin throws herself into each project with total passion and commitment – and she achieves great results.
Claudia Tarry Animal Aid

Karin has helped us no end raising money, awareness and publicity. Her help is much appreciated!

Paula and Ernie Founders of Hopefield Animal Sanctuary