Vegan Happy Clothing

Mad Promotions have become an extension of VEGAN Happy Clothing and it shows in the PR that is delivered. Karin really took the time to understand our business and our goals and are really helping us get there, and fast!  Thank you so much Karin and Mad Promotions for everything you do. We didn’t know the PR exposure you could bring us but we trusted you and that has hugely paid off for us. Thank you for continuing to deliver such incredible PR campaigns for us. 

Victoria Pearce

Karin has been a key enabler and facilitator in my business since 2012 and has become both a great business partner and friend; initially for a charity called K-9 Angels I confounded and now building my vegan brand.  Karin’s passion, knowledge, connections and tenacity in the vegan/ethical world of PR without doubt makes her a top contender in her field.

This isn’t just a job for Karin. Every project she takes on is results driven and a 100% is given to build brand awareness. Karin’s friendly, upbeat and genuine personality is infectious and I always look forward to working with her again and again. If you are looking to build your vegan/ethical brand then Karin is your lady. 

I cannot sing Karin’s praises enough! 

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