Vegan Testimonials

As Karin has been a passionate vegan for 25 years this undoubtedly has split over in her work. She is to go to vegan contact for many media and fully understands vegans in business and vegan products. She is delighted to have worked with some incredible fellow vegans including:

Thanks Karin – you’ve been amazing, highly recommended to everyone for your fantastic contribution to this year’s festival, we have achieved unprecedented media coverage this year and that has been largely due to your most excellent services – thanks a billion.
Tim Barford – VegfestUK

I have worked with Karin for many years now. Karin is firstly an amazing person and someone i trust which for an business owner is very important.
Karin always gives 110% and goes above the call of duty every time. She has amazing contacts and resources which have helped build the Vegusto Brand in the UK over the last 4 years.

Its a joy to work with Karin.

Mark Galvin Director Vegusto UK

My business was very quiet until I met Karin using her P R service to relaunch my business and it went double after a few months. Mad Promotions not only deliver what they promised but over delivered with marketing our  brand and become a friend with ongoing support!

Lenny Co founder of Vantra restaurant


When we launched the Veganuary campaign, Karin helped us get the message out there to the media, celebrities and contacts she had in the vegan movement. She is a bundle of energy, always super positive, full of ideas, and gets results.

Lisa Drummy – Director Fry’s Vegetarian UK

Karin is fantastic to work with, she is so energetic and passionate about promoting Veggie products and really understands the market. Karin’s contacts and focused PR, was key in promoting Bute Island Foods dairy-free products and really made a difference to our press coverage.

Mark – Bute Island Foods Ltd

Karin’s choice to only work with companies that she believes in comes through in her passion and energy.  You can’t ask for a better person to promote your products!

Richard Turner – Mood Foods



Thanks Karin for all of your enthusiasm and energy in supporting and spreading the word of BoBo. Keep up the good work! We need more of you out there!

Alicia and Van Bo Bo

Working with Karin promoting Planet V has been a pleasure and a lot of fun too!  Karin is full of enthusiasm for everything vegan and there aren’t many people she doesn’t know in this area of business.

Driven by her passion for being a voice for the animals, who desperately need our help, Karin puts everything into her business and is highly professional and reliable. I would absolutely work with Karin again, in fact I would look forward to it!

Jane MarshallPlanet V

Victoria Pearce

Karin has been a key enabler and facilitator in my business since 2012 and has become both a great business partner and friend; initially for a charity called K-9 Angels I confounded and now building my vegan brand.  Karin’s passion, knowledge, connections and tenacity in the vegan/ethical world of PR without doubt makes her a top contender in her field.

This isn’t just a job for Karin. Every project she takes on is results driven and a 100% is given to build brand awareness. Karin’s friendly, upbeat and genuine personality is infectious and I always look forward to working with her again and again. If you are looking to build your vegan/ethical brand then Karin is your lady. 

I cannot sing Karin’s praises enough! 

Victoria Pearce
Hench Herbivore

Karin is an absolute gem! She has gotten me many amazing gigs, including a three-page spread in the world’s premier fitness magazine, a feat that I had previously thought impossible for little old me! Her effervescent personality is very infectious and she’s truly a delight to be around. Karin, you have a friend for life! 

Hench Herbivore

We are very grateful for all the PR work Karin undertook for us – she toiled ceaselessly to get us lots of media exposure – on the radio, in relevant publications and online! Her enthusiasm for all things vegan is truly astounding and she has boundless energy.

Matthew Glover
Annie Connolly

I won’t lie I am not the easiest of clients to work with, yet Karin was amazing and handled me incredibly well. She is motivating, inspiring and makes you feel you can achieve anything. After explaining what I really wanted to achieve regarding animal welfare, she knew exactly who to reach out too. As a result of her, her contacts and her hard work on my behalf I had meetings with MP’s, spoken on more radio shows and my story has ended up in a book and in national magazines. This is all vital for the awareness I have wanted to create for Cherry Horse Welfare. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Not just because she is good at her job and you get results, but because she makes you a better person. Her passion and dedication is infectious and after a call with her your productivity will go through the roof.

Annie Connolly
John Creaton – Planet Aborist

Karin and I met at a plant-based living exhibition in London where Karin was hosting several sessions throughout the day. Observing Karin’s energy, enthusiasm, professionalism but also her down to earth practical nature, I made a point of connecting with Karin there and then and we have worked very successfully together on the launch of Planet Arborist. Karin has done a fantastic job in helping to develop our sustainability focused B2B brand both in the UK and internationally. Karin has lots of ideas and connections into the plant-based world that run deep as a result of many years in the sector working with all types of business and initiatives. Karin gets to know her clients very well, has great attention to detail and enthusiastically collaborates to develop a strategy that works for her clients and their objectives. I certainly recommend Karin for those who want to be in the right place at the right time with the right message. 

John Creaton
Vegan Happy Clothing

Mad Promotions have become an extension of VEGAN Happy Clothing and it shows in the PR that is delivered. Karin really took the time to understand our business and our goals and are really helping us get there, and fast!  Thank you so much Karin and Mad Promotions for everything you do. We didn’t know the PR exposure you could bring us but we trusted you and that has hugely paid off for us. Thank you for continuing to deliver such incredible PR campaigns for us. 

Lorri Delahunty
Tim Barford – VegFest UK

Thanks Karin – you’ve been amazing, highly recommended to everyone for your fantastic contribution to this year’s BVF, we have achieved unprecedented media coverage this year and that has been largely due to your most excellent services – thanks a billion.

Tim Barford
Chef Day Radley

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Karin. She is a ray of sunshine. She was the injection of positivity that both my business and I needed.

Chef Day Radley
Wetnose Animal Aid

Wetnose Animal Aid has known lovely Karin for 10 years, Karin has helped us for many years doing PR for us and visiting places for events. Karin is 100% dedicated to helping you with your media requests and PR work or organising events, she always keeps you updated, and goes far beyond to make sure you are happy and get the best service possible.

Would never go anywhere else Karin is a hard worker and a dear friend, number one for all your PR work plus great ideas too.

Andrea Gamby-Boulger